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Ranjini Haridas

Star Singer Ranjini Haridas

Ranjini Haridas is generally associated with idea star singer for the people of Kerala. Now with her unbelievable performance in anchoring the popular singing reality show Idea Star Singer is in fact is associated with her. This is really appreciable which is not yet done by any other anchor or video jockey. She is a former Miss Kerala (2000) who was born and brought up abroad.

Last year Miss. Ramya Raveendran anchoring the Idea Star Singer reality show and many have of the opinion that she was not fit to the programme. And we all expected the producers of the programme to bring back Ranjini Haridas. And it was the fact that it really happened after two or three episodes. From then she has not missed even a single episode. It happened so only because of Ranjini Haridas’ hard work and talent. All credits for her success go to her.

Though the fabulous Ranjini Haridas is a model, basically she is an IELTS examiner. Being brought up abroad she has a very good command over the English language and this factor makes her perfect for anchoring. She is so bold and courageous to handle any live programme.

Many a people criticize her for spoiling the language Malayalam by mixing it up with English. But many people are  thinking positively that don’t criticize her since everything is getting globalized. The program she anchors is watched by many non-Malayalees (who don’t follow the language Malayalam). Therefore, it is better to speak in English too.

Though her dressing is good and gorgeous, in some episodes it seems to be a little vulgar for the people of Kerala. Any way many people are daily waiting for her new fashion on every day and many are trying to imitate it too.

Another program hosted by Ranjini is in Amrita TV channel called Good English which is a quiz program to check the proficiency of the participants in English language. Ranjini’s Good English is a very good program which teaches good English even to the viewers.

Though her wider lips looks a bit unattractive her cute smile and the beauty of her smile covers up the smile. She can be called talkative Ranjini, energetic Ranjini, lovable Ranjini, etc.

Reducing her body weight is something impossible for her, I think. So she is now ready to do anything at least to control her fat. Even after turning to 27 she is the most expensive anchor in Malayalam. Video Jockey Ranjini so far has no opposition.

To say something about her personal life is interesting as she has no plan to get married. Instead, she likes to adopt a child and grow. Though she is not proud, she can be proud of her talents as there is no other VJ to beat her now.

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  1. Bincy Saji #

    I respect ur positive &spontaneous attitutudes towards everything.I support ur adoption planning.I think u can take ur own descision through out ur life if u r unmarried.I am a regular viewer of ur all showes.I would like to keep in touch with u.My family includes husband&two children.Wish u all very best.

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